Ben Andrew


I’m part of the Autonomous Empirical Research Group, which is developing closed-loop systems to automate model discovery and adaptive experimentation in the behavioral and brain sciences. Our mission is to enhance and accelerate research through accessible technical innovation, better measurement, and community co-creation. More broadly, I’m interested in tools, discoveries, and people that can augment human potential and well-being. In all of this, I’m motivated by open-ended possibilities to advance conscious experience.

Professionally, I’m quite versatile and consider myself part researcher, part facilitator. To varying degrees, I’ve trained as a computational scientist, research engineer, program manager, early-stage entrepreneur, and investor.

Personally, I hope to be enjoyably useful by applying creativity, compassion, and concerted effort.

Some other things I enjoy:

  • Contemplative practice: Indo-Tibetan meditation, body scanning
  • The arts: cooking, harmonica, geometric abstraction
  • The outdoors: I love to run, ride (bikes), and ski, which I experience as communion with nature and friends, atop such elegant human ingenuity, powered by the marvel of metabolism, for the sake of freedom, fun, and flourishing.

Elsewhere: Twitter | LinkedIn | GitHub | Strava

Please reach out if you’d like to talk or collaborate!