ben andrew

researcher & operator

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I am interested in enabling science and technology. I am particularly motivated to advance the brain, mind, behavioral, computational, and clinical sciences, but I am also keen to enhance research and accelerate innovation more broadly.

Currently, I am a researcher and program manager affiliated with the Center for Computational Brain Science (CCBS) within the Carney Institute at Brown University. At CCBS, I am co-planning and executing research agendas; sourcing and allocating funding; designing workflows and building internal systems; recruiting and coordinating teams; and helping scope and steer BRAINSTORM — a new interdisciplinary program focused on translating computational cognitive science and machine learning into scientific tools and pre-commercial applications.

Previously, I did a number of things: public and private market investing, early-stage startup operations and analytics, and other scientific research and program management.

I studied mathematics, economics, and physics, and I continue to think and probe across disciplines.

Some other things I enjoy: